Employment Consulting

If businesses fail to comply with ever changing State and Federal employment laws and regulations, it can be costly and expose the employer to liability. Many businesses do not have the resources to employ general counsel and/or human resource professionals. Kagan Stern provides highly competent counseling to companies on a wide range of employment issues from the application and hiring process through termination. Our Annapolis employment lawyers take the time to understand your organization and practices and serve to assist you quickly and efficiently to provide you guidance on your employment issues as they arise. Issues in which we provide experienced counseling may include the following:

  • Compliance with overtime laws and other wage and hour requirements;
  • Compliance with family medical leave issue laws and disability accommodations;
  • Discipline and Termination of Employees;
  • Investigating and Handling of Employee complaints regarding harassment, discrimination, misconduct or other workplace conditions;
  • Investigating and Handlings of Employment fraud, misconduct, or other criminal activity in the workplace; and
  • Protecting valuable company trade secret and/or other confidential and proprietary information.